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Love stories in Swanwick Writers’ Summer School

DY214It’s wonderful when a story you know by one name takes on a new name in the ears of listeners.
In an address on writing for the ear or the eye I included some stories from the Irish Love Stories collection finishing with what is usually know to storytellers as The Dream of Aengus but which I re-named Dream of Love in the book.
I told it as the final story of my after dinner presentation: Once upon our Times at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School  on August 10, 2016, to a packed audience.
In comments I have received since it is being called the Two Swans story.
Whatever title it is remembered by, more than one said you could hear a pin drop when the story ended.
As one audience member said afterwards: “Sitting at the back of the room and hearing the silence around me, I know you captured the audience.”
Story touches people.