Irish Love Stories

Irish Love Stories is a bringing together of two great Irish traditions: music, and, story on one album.
Here, storyteller Brendan Nolan and piper Martin Nolan combine their skills to create a unique collaboration of love story and melody that celebrates the love of ages.


1 An Cúilfhionn – air

2 Clíodhna
Clíodhna was an Irish goddess of love. Ciabhán of the Curling Hair, the king of Ulster’s son, was the most beautiful of men. The infatuated pair elope with far-reaching consequences.

3 The Rolling Wave – jig

4 Gearóid Iarla
Gearóid Iarla vanishes while sporting with his beloved wife in their Kildare mansion. A moment’s confusion in the black arts gives birth to a classic story of love suspended.

5 Earl and Lady Fitzgeraldplanxty

6 Dream of Aengus
A mysterious girl visits his room at night to sing to him; Aengus, God of Love and Poetry , falls so deeply in love that their story of loss and pursuit and challenge resonates across the centuries

7 Aisling Geal – air

8 Dargle Lovers
A romance that ended in a double tragedy is played out every year on Midsummer’s Eve. For Mary, one lover was not enough, but two led to unforeseen consequences.

9 The Lovers Ghost – air

10 Rescued Bride
A bride is taken away on her wedding night. The tormented bridegroom awakes from troubled dreams to see his missing bride standing in the room, in moonlight, in her white bridal clothes.

11 The Bride’s Polka – dance tune

12 Danny Boy
Whether it is a father keening for his son, a mother her lost child, or, a lover lamenting the absence of a true love is for you to decide in the love story here played out.

13 Danny Boy – air

Brendan Nolan is a storyteller and writer of some renown who has told his love stories to lovers everywhere.
Martin Nolan is a noted uilleann piper and composer whose openness and receptiveness to new ideas has taken him and his pipes around the world.
Talepipe is what they do together

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