They said

“Such a marvellous magical ingredient to wedding receptions !”

“I think people will get married just to be able to have you telll stories at their wedding!”

weddinga“Great to see an experienced storyteller.”

“Grasping the richness in life what a wonderful session”

” Brendan is a great storyteller who kept us entertained all the time. He has a great sense of humour.”

“The ending was very funny.”

“Brendan owned the space as a storyteller.”

“The session was a joy to listen to. I loved Brendan’s humour.”

“Brendan is a natural at storytelling.”

“Very engaging delivery”

“The quietness of the story made it so eery!”

bn412bL“You could have heard a pin drop”

“Super performance.”

“Brendan Nolan telling stories is a guaranteed good night out”

“A fascinating story. I really enjoyed it. ”

“Kept me enthralled all the way through.”

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